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July 23, 2014
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Up Close and Personal
Sunflower macro
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Credit & Copyright: Cynthia Azzam from Houston, TX
Up Close and Personal: Such delicate and smooth petals surround the mysterious craters at the center of the sunflower. What lies in their depths that we can't see?
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2014-07-23 17:24:43
Lori from Houston about 3 hours ago said:
Awesome! Love it!
Jim from Nebraska about 5 hours ago said:
'Lovely macro, Cynthia! The gold has a decided metallic glow to it. Nice job! BTW, you've become a "Regular" poster here (7 photos in 6 weeks) but I've noticed you haven't commented on any photos.?
Christine from Australia about 17 hours ago said:
Your question about the mysterious "craters" calls forth a myriad of imaginations about the worlds of the microcosm where atoms and molecules feel at home as we are at home in our own dwellings, orbiting around the realm of man.
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