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September 15, 2008: A Happy Conch Shell
A Happy Conch Shell
Credit & Copyright: Candice Dione Fears from Grand Cayman Islands
A Happy Conch Shell: Regular NPOD viewer Candice Fears submitted this beautiful picture: In Grand Cayman Islands this conch shell sat happy on the sea floor basking in the rays of the sun.

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2009-02-22 11:46:31
Deliana Martinez A from Haiti about 10years ago said:
I love it because all the colors that it shows represents a specific mood and says many things that people won't really get to understand...
Alexander M. Schaar from Berlin - Germany about 10years ago said:
Is this wonderfull con shell still there, wher You found it? Or coud You not resist?
dr / mim from cairo about 10years ago said:
nice pic .... but shows too much colors
Bashshar Oubari from Syria about 10years ago said:
Karen from Kelowna about 10years ago said:
great shot. I gave your email to your old friend Traci. See your Mom all the time and your Dad sometimes.
Christy from New York about 10years ago said:
The lighting is very beautiful using natural light at the right time of the day to be captured. It gives the sense of a mystical shel in another time period "blue lagoon inspired" I like it a lot.
James Odo from Ibadan, Nigeria about 10years ago said:
A beautiful replica of some natural forms. It speaks volumes!
Linda from Kelowna, Canada about 10years ago said:
luv the conch smile and the way you captured the light is incredible. Nice work!
Denise from South Africa about 10years ago said:
absolutely stunning! Just the pick-me-up I need!
Cindy from Victoria Canada about 10years ago said:
it looks so pretty the way the light is hitting it, beautiful!
gomathhy from salem about 10years ago said:
vice cute
elahe raisdana from iran about 10years ago said:
elahe raisdana from Somewhere about 10years ago said:
Jozef from Serbia, Kovacica about 10years ago said:
nor from malaysia about 10years ago said:
so cute n beautiful!!!
Lyndsay de Jong from Canada about 10years ago said:
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