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October 1, 2008: Stingray
Credit & Copyright: Candice Dione Fears from Grand Cayman Islands
Stingray: NPOD Viewer Candice Fears from the Grand Cayman Islands submitted this picture: This Stingray ( Dasyatis Americana ) is one of the many stingrays in Cayman Islands that are friendly to human touch. I was able to hold her and even gave a kiss for 7 years of good luck. Because her eyes are the top of her head and her mouth on the bottom, she uses smell and electro receptors to detect prey. Too touch, the underneath feels like velvet and the top feels pebbly. It was truly beautiful watching her swim away.

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2008-11-12 21:26:24
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Ohana from Redang Island about 15years ago said:
It must be amazing together with Mr.Ray under the sea. I wish I can experience the way you felt when you saw this stingray. Wish me luck..
Stepehn from Winnipeg about 15years ago said:
Simply magical! Underwater flight!
Christy from New York about 15years ago said:
So beautiful!
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