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November 3, 2008: Family Line
Line of trees in Hoh Rain forest in Olympic National Park.
Credit & Copyright: NPOD
Family Line: This line of trees, found in the Hoh Rain Forest, formed when a tree fell to the ground. Moss and other plants started to grow on the fallen tree. Then little tree saplings started growing in that vegetation, slowly extending their roots down the sides of the tree until they could reach the ground. Eventually, the new saplings grew big, and the old, fallen tree decomposed completely, leaving the new trees straddling empty air!

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2008-11-09 08:54:40
Franciko Niko Teluma from Jogjakarta - Indonesia about 15years ago said:
Wow... very nice
Adriana from Romania about 15years ago said:
very very beautiful
Nav from Folsom about 15years ago said:
why am I not suprised that you were at the HOH rain forest? When are you going to quit?
liane from montana about 15years ago said:
This gives us another perspective on our "Family Trees"!
Gaz from Oregon about 15years ago said:
Cool, love old growth forrest's !
MURTHY from TAMILNADU about 15years ago said:
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