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November 8, 2008: Indian Paintbrush
fire red indian paintbrush.
Credit & Copyright: NPOD
Indian Paintbrush: This brilliant plants can be found flourishing in mountain meadows and streams through the spring and summer. The flowering parts of Indian Paintbrush were eaten by some Native American tribes, while other tribes used the plant to treat certain venereal diseases, and still other tribes used the plants as a paintbrush. Indian Paintbrush absorbs Selenium, making it toxic if consumed in mass quantities.

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2015-04-05 19:46:57
Emma from Texas about 9years ago said:
Very beautiful
Alexander M. Schaar from Berlin - Germany about 16years ago said:
the beauty lays in the eye of the onlooker -
Edward Luke from India about 16years ago said:
Beautiful lovely, love to mail my friend
Nav from Folsom about 16years ago said:
For a minute there; i thought this was from India. Then i remembered Columbus. Damn i hate that Dbag.
Gaz from Oregon about 16years ago said:
Awesome. I will be on the lookout for these come spring time !
asefe from tehran- about 16years ago said:
besyar zibast
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