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November 17, 2008: Feel the Wind
Gorgeous photograph taken in Hawaii.
Credit & Copyright: KaLee Johnson from SLC, UT
Feel the Wind: Kalee Johnson submitted this beautiful picture taken on the Big Island of Hawaii. You can almost feel the wind brushing your face as you stand on this bluff overlooking the mighty blue Pacific.

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2010-08-01 16:29:07
Daniel from USA about 14years ago said:
Beautiful! what a wonderful creation of God.
Madhab Karmaker from Dhaka, Bangladesh about 15years ago said:
Our world is so beautiful! We are so lucky to be here!
judith from Africa about 15years ago said:
It does some strange things to ones emotions It is beautiful
Cody Johnson from Magna, Utah about 15years ago said:
Good Job KaLee this picture is very pretty!
Crissie Galloway from West Valley, Utah about 15years ago said:
The eye that captures beauty like this is the eye of a truly beautiful person! Nice work KaLee! Hugs...
Nannette from California about 15years ago said:
Absolutly beautiful.You should be a professioal Photographer,
Mary Hostetler from Magna, UT about 15years ago said:
This is so beautiful, I have been at this same place. This picture dipicts the actual feeling of really being there, a woundreful place to be, and a perfect memory!!
lorna from philippines about 15years ago said:
i can feel to say...what you hope to be like tomorrow depends on the choices you make today.
Malou Rivera from Palawan, Philippines about 15years ago said:
5 stat! wow! what a very beautiful picture!
deepak rai from delhi about 15years ago said:
The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.
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