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November 18, 2008: Ugly Duck
Wildlife picture!
Credit & Copyright: Roy Niswanger from Round Rock, TX
Ugly Duck: This fun picture of a handsome duck was submitted by Roy Niswanger of Round Rock, Texas.

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2016-01-15 19:05:57
tony arlt from virginia about 8years ago said:
this is a muscovy duck and they are the nicest ducks in the world!
pato from laoag about 10years ago said:
pato ni jomar
Birdlegs from Fresno, CA about 11years ago said:
I love the colors on this sweet creature! Just because it's "different" does not make it ugly, in my opinion!
The Gastopo from The secret annex about 12years ago said:
what is up with the red spots they look like cherry tomatoes.
judith from afica about 16years ago said:
Its strange
Cian from Your computer about 16years ago said:
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Nav from Folsom about 16years ago said:
Its an ugly duck.
liane from keane about 16years ago said:
This duck looks like a cross between a duck and a turkey! What kind of duck is it?
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