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December 3, 2008: Gronland
Iceberg in Greenland.  Blue!
Credit & Copyright: Franz Walter from Nurnberg, Germany
Gronland: NPOD viewer Franz Walter of Nurnberg, Germany submitted this fascinating picture of an iceberg floating in the frigid, blue waters of the Baffin Sea near Upernavik, Greenland. Anyone up for a quick swim?

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2009-04-18 14:12:45
syed manzar zaidi from sukkur pakistan about 15years ago said:
this is the miracle of god and this is a purely nature of univers
Alexander M Schaar.Berlin from Somewhere about 15years ago said:
Thank you for letting us share such beauty.
candice from cayan islands about 16years ago said:
gave it 5 stars....great shot...
CIan from across the street about 16years ago said:
It looks pretty jagged. Definitely would not make a good water slide.
Jocko from Between heaven and hell about 16years ago said:
No backround,hmm. So interesting I want to see more. Zoom out and show us more.
Arizzi Davide from Italy about 16years ago said:
nice blue tones and nice reflections
Anne from British Columbia about 16years ago said:
beautiful shot with vivid crisp colours; love the water reflection.
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