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January 7, 2009: Spectrum Web
DSLR Nikon D60, macro photography.
Credit & Copyright: Pam Webb from Kingsport, Tennessee
Spectrum Web: NPOD viewer Pam Webb captured this interesting shot. All that this spider captured was water droplets though. Covered in water drops like this, the web resembles strands of pearls.

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2009-02-04 23:25:54
Shelby from Kingsport, TN about 13years ago said:
What a treasure! Looking forward to more of your talented works!
JTM from Dallas about 13years ago said:
Really nice picture, would love to see more.
Someone from Somewhere about 13years ago said:
very cute n cool i love its v much sweet:)
jessalynn from nashville about 13years ago said:
i love this one.....super cool
FM from Irishtown about 13years ago said:
Looks like real pearls.
Cyndee from Kingsport, TN about 13years ago said:
Beautiful picture. Your talent shows. Keep taking those shots and sharing them for all of us to enjoy.
Cian from My place about 13years ago said:
Yeah, I don't see the crystal chandelier, but I can see the crystal beaded necklace, nice call.
Sharon Cameron from White Pine, TN about 13years ago said:
Amazing! To me it looks like a crystal chandlier or a delicately threaded crystal beaded necklace. 5 stars for the catch of the morning! Priceless!!! Keep on finding and capturing those treasures..Thanks for sharing them with others. :)
Cian from My place about 13years ago said:
Very pretty, that's a lot of pearls!
Gaz from Oregon about 13years ago said:
Looks just like strands of pearls. Very Cool !
rajan from india about 13years ago said:
it is a very beautiful scean. i never forget this
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