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January 9, 2009: Trumpeter Swan Family
Wildlife photography, Trumpeter Swans, Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge.  Canon PowerShot G7.
Credit & Copyright: Leo Keane from Whitefish, Montana
Trumpeter Swan Family: Leo Keane of Whitefish, Montana photographed this family of Trumpeter Swans in the Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge of Minnesota. This particular pair of adult swans (who usually mate for life) bred six cygnets, or baby swans.

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2013-08-03 02:44:39
Birdlegs from Fresno, CA about 7years ago said:
I love this picture, Leo! I would be so happy to hold & pet each & every one of them. They look so graceful & serene. Thank you for such a lovely picture, Leo. God bless!
Lynda from Herts, England about 11years ago said:
Lovely capture.
Shaina from Kingston about 12years ago said:
Good job Leo!!! Great picture!!!
Cian from A Bog about 12years ago said:
Pretty, those swans sure are white! Are they called Trumpeter Swans because they make noises like a trumpet? I don't know that I've ever heard a swan before.
omid from iran about 12years ago said:
a wonderful family Are children in gaza happy like these ducks!!!!
A.Anjaiah from secunderabad,india about 12years ago said:
peaceful family.mans also like that will do
Pam from Tennessee about 12years ago said:
What a wonderful family scene! Beautiful photo!
mj_communications@yahoo.com from Lahore, Pakistan about 12years ago said:
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