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January 15, 2009: Lonely Rock
monument valley, arizona.  Scenic DSLR photography.
Credit & Copyright: Livia Barbu from US
Lonely Rock: This lonely, red, pillar of rock stands tall, surveying the surrounding desert, Arizona's section of Monument Valley.

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2009-03-19 11:29:26
Mike Prieur from North Bay, Ontario about 14years ago said:
Love the color of the sand, neat.
Ela T from Bucharest, Romania about 14years ago said:
It's simply stunning. Well done!
David Matthew from Chicago about 14years ago said:
Radiance with serenity yet fierceness comes to mind. A moment well captured.
Elaine from Somewhere about 14years ago said:
Awesome photo!
liane from montana about 14years ago said:
It is amazing what beauty wind and sand erosion can create.
MJ from Chicago about 14years ago said:
Awesome shot. I love how the sky follows the rock formation. Nice composition.
Nav from Folsom about 14years ago said:
Great pic.. I would love to read what camera was used to take the picture. Please post the EXIF data
zabihullah2002@hotmail.com from Afghanistan about 14years ago said:
hello dear Nature is more than beautful than pictur
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