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January 20, 2009: Nature's Age-Old Tale
Nature takes its course.  Wild african wildlife.
Credit & Copyright: Kevin Smith from Rotherham, England
Nature's Age-Old Tale: "With the last frame in my camera".
Kevin Smith captured this shot on a Minolta Dynax and 100-300mm Sigma APO lens on reversal film in Samburu Kenya.
"The Impala lost the battle after a titanic 15 minute struggle and the two cheetahs were completely exhausted, lying flat across the ground. A single cat would have failed, Im sure."

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2009-10-25 22:47:19
buffster from cali baby! about 14years ago said:
ive seen better. . . (1/2)stars.
Mike Prieur from North Bay, Ontario about 15years ago said:
The cycle of life in the jungle, fantastic.
Columbine from Somerville MA about 15years ago said:
I can't believe you got this shot. Well done.
Reuben from Not too far about 15years ago said:
Captures Africa in the raw.
Nav from Folsom about 15years ago said:
Great picture!
Gaz from Oregon about 15years ago said:
Wow, incredible capture !
Cian from Not There about 15years ago said:
Wow! That's really something. Nature is not always beautiful.
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