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January 30, 2009: Big Sur Flowers
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Credit & Copyright: Jeremy Raff-Reynolds from Big Sur, California
Big Sur Flowers: Jeremy Raff-Reynolds submitted this pretty picture of a pair Bermuda Buttercups in Big Sur, California. Beautiful beach scenes and pretty wildflowers abound on the long coast of Big Sur.

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2009-01-30 15:27:56
Stacy Nelson from Somewhere about 15years ago said:
Very beautiful Jeremy! Love it! Big Sur is amazing! I miss it!
Ali Hatcher from San Luis Obispo, CA about 15years ago said:
Very zen, in a colorful way. You have quite the artistic eye! Great job.
Amanda Helmer from SLO about 15years ago said:
So simple yet so beautiful Jer!
Alex B. from SLO about 15years ago said:
That's very pretty Jeremy. Miss you sweetcheeks!!! Cian, sick means 'cool', or 'great'.
Cian from still in my place about 15years ago said:
Ash Dawg: To give it a 4, click on the 4th star to the right...If you hold your mouse over the white stars, it will fill in with blue stars and you can see what rating you are giving it.
ps. The flowers look healthy to me. Why do you think they are sick? Because they are so green?
ash dawg from slo about 15years ago said:
sick picture. very talented..wait ..how do i rate this..i dont get it
Rizzo from SLO about 15years ago said:
I LOVE IT!! It's really cool. I like the way the shadow of the flowers look almost like a clover on the rock. But I still love my butterfly pic more! Miss you sweetcheeks!!!
stitchd from Lompoc about 15years ago said:
Love the pic! Very Beautiful...keep up the good work!!
Ciian from my place about 15years ago said:
I really like this one, very pretty. The shadows of the flowers on the rock are nice, too.
farooque from india about 15years ago said:
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