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February 5, 2009: Sand Dollar
Macro photography.  Close-up of a sand dollar.
Credit & Copyright: Katherine Mossop from Toronto, ON, Canada
Sand Dollar: No, that is not a close-up of a Pith Helmet. As a matter of fact, this fascinating close-up is of a Sand Dollar. Interestingly, the sand dollar is actually a marine animal, and the hard outer surface is their skeleton.

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2015-08-19 08:38:14
Maristela Bueno from Brasil about 8years ago said:
I loved! can you identify this specimen?
vikash from India about 15years ago said:
Marveiious photo
Shaina from Washington about 15years ago said:
Wow very amazing never would have thought to take that picture!!!
Rachel from Washintgon about 15years ago said:
I love this pic!
Cian from Inside the Beast about 15years ago said:
MMM, I could go for a couple of biscuits right now. Maybe with some gravy. Biscuits and gravy!
Columbine from Boston about 15years ago said:
Nice photo! Aren't the puffy ones called Sea Biscuits?
Cian from Inside the Beast about 15years ago said:
Yeah, that does kind of look like a Pith Helmet. Good call.
Zabihullah Hakimi from Afghanistan about 15years ago said:
hi: This is the Nature that we can't know it if we have more experiences
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