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February 6, 2009: Coastal Curve
Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, California.
Credit & Copyright: Sarah Biggart from Lakeside (San Diego), California
Coastal Curve: While visiting Cabrillo National Monument in California to watch the migrating Gray Whales off of California's coast, NPOD viewer Sarah Biggart captured this gorgeous sunset. Cabrillo National Monument commemorates Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the first European to explore the coast of present day California, USA.

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2009-10-06 00:46:22
Denni from Hilo Hawaii about 15years ago said:
Awesome picture Sarah, I think you pro material!
Mike Prieur from North Bay, Ontario about 15years ago said:
Such a relaxing picture, Thank's for the wonderful wallpaper smile's.
RAJA SEKARAN from MADURAI about 15years ago said:
Star from Santa Monica about 15years ago said:
Simply Breathtaking! Sarah~ you captured this shot just beautifully
Tami from vancouver,wa about 15years ago said:
Beautiful shot!
Denni and Jeff from Hawaii about 15years ago said:
Gorgeous! This gal sure has an eye for beauty and skill of the camera. We love her work!
Cian from Rolling Away about 15years ago said:
I like the way the waves kind of roll in and the shapes of the clouds above.
Barbie from El Cajon about 15years ago said:
You truly have an eye for photography. What a beautiful place we live....
Pampa from Kolkata about 15years ago said:
sridevi from vizag about 15years ago said:
its nice
vickie from El Cajon, Ca about 15years ago said:
Your pictures are fantastic, Sarah, I always love getting them keep up the great work, and have fun with it!!!
Shaun Rhodebeck from Illinois (not near Chicago) about 15years ago said:
This a peaceful picture. It brings relaxing thoughts to my mind. Thanks Mrs. Biggart for the thoughts.
Aileen from New York about 15years ago said:
Magnificent !
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