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February 17, 2009: Colours of Autumn
Visit the Ukraine!  Find a date!  Date a Ukraine woman.
Credit & Copyright: Lilia Rasnovskaya from Ukraine
Colours of Autumn: A beautiful, blue Autumn sky above the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia sets a peaceful, fall scene. Still, glassy water speaks of a windless day. Not good for flying kites perhaps, but good for getting outside, taking a brisk walk through nature's splendor, wherever you can find it.

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2009-03-11 12:40:50
Hans Pondorfer from Munich about 15years ago said:
Gorgeous colors, it's a pleasure to see!
Pam from Tenn about 15years ago said:
Great shot! I love the home in the far right distance! Great composition.
Lilia from Ukraine about 15years ago said:
Leda - yes, nature is wonderfull! thank you)
Leda from Greece about 15years ago said:
this is such a beautiful landscape!
Lilia from Ukraine about 15years ago said:
Cian - thakn you! Amit - wecome!)
Cian from The Emerald Isle about 15years ago said:
Gorgeous! Real pretty place.
Amit from Afghanistan about 15years ago said:
Very Serene... if this is Ukraine...I'd like to visit....thanks
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