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February 24, 2009: Cries a Tear
clean water.  Purify your water.  Fresh, pure, clean water.
Credit & Copyright: Designs By Tami Photography from Vancouver, WA
Cries a Tear: As the last vestiges of the most recent rain shower slip away, glimpse of what could be this springs green leaves appear. So, don't shed too many tears, this will be a colorful scene before long!

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2010-05-31 21:13:06
luish from ph about 14years ago said:
love the water
Pam from Somewhere about 15years ago said:
very nice capture!
Cian from The Abyss about 15years ago said:
Makes me thirsty.
Swan from Oregon about 15years ago said:
Beautiful pic Tami - blurring of the background really lends beauty to the foreground. Keep on snapping!
Lori Conrad from Tucson, AZ about 15years ago said:
Oh, this really makes me miss the northwest! I can feel the moist air and anticipate the rebirth of spring. Incredible capture.
Moazzam from Lahore about 15years ago said:
nice picture moazzamali53@yahoo.com
Abdul Rahim from Pakistan about 15years ago said:
This is very natural and nice pictures.
Julie M. from Canada about 15years ago said:
I can hear the rain... well seen !
Lilia from Ukraine about 15years ago said:
so soft... very good!
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