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February 27, 2009: French Angelfish
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Credit & Copyright: Candice Dione Fears from Grand Cayman Islands
French Angelfish: A beautiful French Angelfish (Pomacanthus paru) was found swimming around the North Sound in Grand Cayman. It kept a watchful eye on me as I followed it around trying to catch a photo. These fish feed mostly on sponges and are found in shallow reefs, mostly in pairs of which are territorial against other pairs invading their areas.

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2016-01-09 23:36:10
tobagojo@gmail.com from Trinidad about 8years ago said:
Lovely picture. This is probably a 'teenage' French angel. The juveniles have large stripes only; and the adults just the speckled yellow scales.
Someone from Somewhere about 15years ago said:
You go ahead and pet him then.
Cian from The Deep about 15years ago said:
He looks like he wants to be petted.
HOANG GIANG from Somewhere about 15years ago said:
Lilia from Ukraine about 15years ago said:
colorful creature!)
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