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March 3, 2009: Red Spotted Newt
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Credit & Copyright: L. Chad Smith from Baltimore, Maryland
Red Spotted Newt: A cousin of the Sierra Newt, the Red Spotted Newt, is an Eastern Newt found in wet forests of eastern North America. Red Spotted Newts are one of the most popular types of newts that are used as pets. They can even eat hamburger in small quantities!

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2011-12-04 01:35:36
Ken from GA about 12years ago said:
That is red!
Pam from TN about 15years ago said:
cute fellow!!
liane from montana about 15years ago said:
Nice shot. I like the way he is twisted with the little wrinkles on his belly and tail.
Yorkie from Somewhere beyond. about 15years ago said:
If you want to eat crap,please dont make the wildlife eat it.Y
Lilia from Ukraine about 15years ago said:
good shot, but it needs more sharpness and if it is possible, try other crop (imho)
Cian from The Emerald Isle about 15years ago said:
He looks bumpy. Nice bright orange color.
hhh from legend.of.syria@gmail.com about 15years ago said:
aysha from pak about 15years ago said:
very badddddd
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