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March 16, 2009: Feather
Dandelions.  Salad greens.  Organic vegetables.
Credit & Copyright: Lilia Rasnovskaya from Ukraine
Feather: This fascinating view of a dandelion clock looks like something out of a science fiction movie, possibly a futuristic space station. The long, white, bushy stems are not life support tubes or gravity generators, however. They are the dandelion's seeds!

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2010-05-31 21:23:04
luish from ph about 13years ago said:
Pam from Somewhere about 14years ago said:
FANTASTIC macro! Love the values and details you captured!
Hans Pondorfer from Munich about 14years ago said:
beautiful, I like it !
salman from mingora swat about 14years ago said:
really ver beatiful and delicious pics
Someone from Somewhere about 14years ago said:
The center looks like a golf ball!
zaheer from Balakot about 14years ago said:
its very amazing and wonderful.
Gaz from Oregon about 14years ago said:
Wow, incredible. The monochrome works really well for this :)
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