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March 19, 2009: Trees in Sun Shower
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Credit & Copyright: Kovecses Jozsef from Nemetker, Hungary
Trees in Sun Shower: Near Nemetker, Hungary, these trees are soaking up as much of the suns warmth as they can get. Showering in the rays of the sun, they stand tall, as if saying that winters grasp will soon be over, and warmer days are ahead.

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2010-05-31 22:00:34
luish from ph about 14years ago said:
love it
Pam from Somewhere about 15years ago said:
This back lighting is Wonderful!!!
kovecses from Nemetker about 15years ago said:
Thank You
Cian from Far & Away about 15years ago said:
Hi everyone, I'm back. Very brilliant picture. Makes me want to stand there and listen to the birds tweet.
Jocko from work about 15years ago said:
Beautiful grass for the acidic soils of a pine forest. Makes me want to go roaming quietly through the woods towards the sun.
Amit from Kabul about 15years ago said:
Hey beautiful pic...especially when I have not seen a good green spot for last 6 months,
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