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April 4, 2009: Palouse Falls
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Credit & Copyright: Rachel from NPOD
Palouse Falls: In eastern Washington state, the Palouse Falls drop the Palouse River 200 feet into a round, cathedral shaped canyon. These falls are part of the legacy left behind by the mighty ice age floods of glacial Lake Missoula. The incredible power of these floods scarred the land, leaving behind coulees and channels and scraping the earth down to bedrock.

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2011-04-07 03:56:46
Someone from Somewhere about 13years ago said:
This is a wondeful photagrafy Rachel!!!
luish from ph about 14years ago said:
its nature
Nav from Folsom about 15years ago said:
What is people's obsession with Waterfall? What makes a waterfall so 'cool'? Its just water falling..
Aamir from Lahore about 15years ago said:
Beauty of the creator of this world. The God.
liane from montana about 15years ago said:
beautiful - we need to go there!
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