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April 30, 2009: One Lucky Shot!
Zoo, lions and tigers and bears!  Zoology.
Credit & Copyright: Pam Wood from Santa Cruz, CA
One Lucky Shot!: Here's something you don't see that often, a Tiger making an underwater attack. Notice the tiger even has its eyes open.

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2010-05-27 02:57:21
luish from ph about 9years ago said:
how did you shot this
YORKIE from UK about 10years ago said:
Was this taken in a zoo?I assume the taker was not in the water.
Ben from Wisconsin about 10years ago said:
Would you have a better chance fighting a tiger in the water or on land?
Someone from Somewhere about 10years ago said:
Nate from Washington about 10years ago said:
A Liger could take a Bengal Tiger, any day of the week.
Nav from Folsom about 10years ago said:
Is this a Bengal Tiger?
Cian from Not There about 10years ago said:
Those are huge fangs. I thought cats didn't like water?
shadiah from Malaysia about 10years ago said:
a brave tiger and a brave photographer..of course!
Juan Antonio from Palma - Illes Balears - SPAIN about 10years ago said:
Fantastic photo and very timely. Congratulations
Hiding from the closet about 10years ago said:
...I'm scared.....help me.....anyone?
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