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May 12, 2009: Orb Weaving Spider
Insect arboretum.  Spiders, ladybugs.
Credit & Copyright: Anne M. Fearon-Wood from Sidney-by-the-sea, British Columbia, Canada
Orb Weaving Spider: Spiders can produce several types of silk, some for construction, some for defense and hunting. Harvesting spider silk from spiders themselves has proven to be a difficult endeavor. Managing large quantities of spiders, and keeping them from eating each other presents many difficulties.

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2010-05-27 21:19:45
luish from ph about 13years ago said:
eee spider. still nice
dhaneesh from oman about 14years ago said:
you had done a good jobe
Marilyn from Moncton, NB about 14years ago said:
Hate spiders, but this shows what God created and the colour is beautiful
nc from the middle about 14years ago said:
Great shot...how beautiful. Thanks for showing us how spectacular nature can be.
Mike Elliott from Back Bay NB about 14years ago said:
Awesome picture. Give it a 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Someone from Somewhere about 14years ago said:
touch it
Spiderman from Gotham city about 14years ago said:
My son! My son! You've found my son!
leunited from vietnam about 14years ago said:
welcome a nice day !!! this is a true nature
Gayle from Moncton about 14years ago said:
Nice photo even if I don't like spideys....
me from scree from Somewhere about 14years ago said:
Little mama from Madawaska from Near the fiddle heads of NB about 14years ago said:
ouuuuuuuuuuuu, I would feel trapped if I was there, but awesome, cool web.
Cat from in the hat about 14years ago said:
Purr-fect shot. meow!
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