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May 24, 2009: Overlook
Binoculars, telescopes, field glasses.
Credit & Copyright: Anne M. Fearon-Wood from Sidney-by-the-sea, British Columbia, Canada
Overlook: Bluffs Park is located on Galiano Island in British Columbia. The island provides great opportunities to look out over the sea and enjoy the site of killer whales, seals, otters and hundreds of species of birds!

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2009-05-28 11:27:28
Marilyn from Moncton, NB about 14years ago said:
I love scenery particulary with water and I find this is absolutely beautiful. Love it!
Survivor from Berry Mills about 14years ago said:
"I fell off the bluff and that's enough, no wonder I hurt all over!"
Mike Elliott from Back Bay about 14years ago said:
Like being at peace with oneself. Great pic.....
Chippie feeder from on back deck about 14years ago said:
Probably no peanuts here to feed the chipmunks. Nice picture.
Mama robin, in a cool Kent County place from Under the deck with the seven eggs about 14years ago said:
Oh what a place to sit, read and enjoy the view.....whow.very nice.
Kent County neer-do-well from Kent County about 14years ago said:
Like the near & far aspect
nc from middle about 14years ago said:
I really like this shot...it captures the feeling of warmth on a sunny day contrasted with the cool blues of the distant horizon.
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