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June 25, 2009: Ducklings
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Credit & Copyright: Anne M. Fearon-Wood from Sidney-by-the-sea, British Columbia, Canada
Ducklings: These happy ducklings are trying to hide from predators while they wait for their mother to lead them to water.

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2013-08-03 03:14:01
Birdlegs from Fresno, CA about 9years ago said:
One of my favorite little creatures; they are just adorable & I'd love to hold & pet each & every one of them. Thank you for a sweet picture, Anne. God bless!
Marilyn from Moncton. NB about 13years ago said:
Love this scene. They are so beautiful. Too bad they will not stay this cute. Good job in getting this poicture.
Coon from Irishtown about 13years ago said:
I sleep all day and roam all night. So far my body hasn't been found on the road. I eat sunflower seeds. Someone gets annoyed when I take chippie's and squirrels seeds.
Bosley from Irishtown about 13years ago said:
I wouldn't hurt them either. I would probably run away. I like buttercups.
jw from Winnipeg about 13years ago said:
beautiful colour...such bright greens make the shot impressive yet manage a beautiful contrast to the ducklings. Thanks for the glimpse of life in their wild.
Don Alduck from Dinneland about 13years ago said:
Those darn kids were only supposed to go straight to the store and back for quackers.
Muma Moncton from Magnetic Hill Zoo about 13years ago said:
quack quack!! just ducky!
ahish sharma from kota (raj) about 13years ago said:
very good site for wallpapers
Mike Elliott from Back Bay NB about 13years ago said:
Totally awesome
Hollingsworth from Berry Mills about 13years ago said:
They're cute...the grass looks delicious!
Fonda from Irishtown about 13years ago said:
They are absolutely adorable. Someone here would love to have them in our backyard.
Molly from Riverview about 13years ago said:
I think I would enjoy chasing them. My cousin Mariah just likes watching them.
Cindy from Riverview about 13years ago said:
They're too cute.....one of the best sights of spring!
Mariah from Moncton about 13years ago said:
I would just love to just sit and watch them. I would never ever hurt them. I whine when little critters go away.
Cruiser from Adamisville kent. Co. about 13years ago said:
Oh how I wish I was with there, they are my size.?????..Awsome
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