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August 9, 2009: Green Caterpillar
caterpillars, lady bugs, natural pesticides, herbicides, camouflage
Credit & Copyright: Ray Nimmo from Koh Phangan, Thailand
Green Caterpillar: Blending in with the fluorescent green of the leaves it travels on, this caterpillar trucks along, no doubt looking for a juice meal.

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2012-11-07 21:54:19
Kuntha from Cambodia Preahvihear about 11years ago said:
i think is so beautiful and big in this picture. when i see picture of caterpillar, i always think way of we start.
luish from ph about 13years ago said:
Cian from Emerald Isle about 14years ago said:
I like how he looks so big in this picture. Like a creature from an old movie.
raynimmo from Thailand about 14years ago said:
he wasnt that big, maybe 3 inch long, here he is full size > http://www.flickr.com/photos/raynimmo/3761309692/
Cian from Emerald Isle about 14years ago said:
Is it a giant?
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