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September 4, 2009: Stepping Stone
Jump rope, marbles, nature picture
Credit & Copyright: Timothy Poulton from Australia
Stepping Stone: Looking at this pretty scene in North Curl Curl, New South Wales, Australia, it is hard to keep your eye from picking out the best route over these rocks. How far can you get without getting wet? Is there a better, faster route? It brings back fun childhood memories of finding the best way over a creek. And of course finding out that you aren't quite fast enough to keep your foot from getting wet after the eventual misstep.

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2010-10-24 10:40:50
hp2 from Austria about 13years ago said:
what a great landscape picture. super
Pam from TN about 14years ago said:
awesome composition, DoF, light and color. an excellent image.
ekata from nepal about 14years ago said:
woooooooow what a loking great pic.
Tina from Ontour about 14years ago said:
very good cut!
Sweety from Egypt about 14years ago said:
Sobhan Allah , Nice arrangement of rocks .. (sweta jejani) thx 4 ur meaning ,U R right
WOW from philippines about 14years ago said:
wow i am so amazed
sweta jejani from bihar about 14years ago said:
the stones in the water are like the difficulties in our clear life
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