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September 30, 2009: Snow Dusted Captain
granite counter tops, racing game, driving simulator.  Picture of nature.
Credit & Copyright: Rachel from NPOD
Snow Dusted Captain: A light skiff of snow covers the top of Yosemite's El Capitan, like a gentle hat while clouds ring it's enormous granite face.

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2009-10-03 12:07:56
Cian from Over Here about 15years ago said:
I've got something you can dominate.
CAPS from ugghh about 15years ago said:
i like dominating things
CAPS from Somewhere about 15years ago said:
some may just look and enjoy its beauty.. we could climb, and and dominate this mountain. tested and proved via CO rockies.
CAPS from purgatory annapolis about 15years ago said:
Cody P. is the freakin man
Marilyn from Moncton, NB about 15years ago said:
This is a beautiful picture and shows God's beautiful world.
Ali from Heaven about 15years ago said:
I love it!
booba from ad road about 15years ago said:
instead of climbing this mountain, a climber must stay at its base and enjoy this geogeous scene.
Cody P. from Val-Halla about 15years ago said:
yo, how cool would it be to climb that? i wonder how long it would take
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