Nature Pic of the Day - 20091130 - Mountain 'Belucha' and Lake 'Akkem'
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November 30, 2009: Mountain 'Belucha' and Lake 'Akkem'
Lake Akkem under Belucha mountain in Altai Republic, Russia. Nature picture.
Credit & Copyright: Shupenko Svetlana from Republic Mountain Altai
Mountain 'Belucha' and Lake 'Akkem': This beautiful scene can be found in Republic Mountain Altai, which is in Russia's Altai Republic. It looks like an incredible, gorgeous, and inspiring place!

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2015-04-26 19:08:28
Phillip Kim from South Korea about 8years ago said:
Incredible scene! I really want to go to Altai Republic. My old dream would be realized. All natural places are looked like hands of God.
Mariya from Bulgaria about 13years ago said:
Cian from Lowlands about 13years ago said:
Beautiful! I want to go for a swim in the lake underneath the mountains.
Jean from North Carolina about 13years ago said:
Stunning! A lovely portrait of sweeping grandeur that many of us never get a chance to see in person.
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