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December 3, 2009: Another Heaven on Earth
Waterfalls in Croatia.  Nature picture.  Rainjackets, rain gear.
Credit & Copyright: Mariya Georgieva from Bulgaria
Another Heaven on Earth: Waterfalls ahead! Cascading waterfalls, even! If you look at this picture closely, you can almost hear the roar of the water and feel a little mist of spray.

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2009-12-05 03:09:44
Mariya from Bulgaria about 14years ago said:
Thank you all. Nav, thank you for your honesty :-)
Laurie from Mississippi about 14years ago said:
Magnificent! God's handiwork is glorious!
dillon from mississippi about 14years ago said:
perfect photo great colores the best i hope NPOD posts more photos
Lewis from Derbyshire about 14years ago said:
Great photo, love the mist and the cascade effect. Almost feels as if your in the photo!
Jean from North Carolina about 14years ago said:
Splendid photo! There's nothing mini about that waterfall and I hope NPOD's "obsession" with waterfalls NEVER ends.
Nav from Folsom about 14years ago said:
Hey look.. its a mini waterfall. when will NPOD's obsession with waterfalls end?
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