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December 4, 2009: Monumental Vista
Monument Valley, AZ.  Sunscreen, desert tours, bug spray.  Nature picture.
Credit & Copyright: Tim Gilliam from Monument Valley, AZ
Monumental Vista: "The early morning light casts a fiery glow to the beauty that is Monument Valley."

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2009-12-05 05:54:07
Hans Pondorfer from Austria about 13years ago said:
Great Capture ! and excellent Picture
Mariya from Bulgaria about 13years ago said:
Beautiful :-), i like the clearness
Cian from A Land Up Over about 13years ago said:
Brilliant scene!
Jean from North Carolina about 13years ago said:
I agree, Jim. I wish those who don't have anything constructive to say would refrain from posting sophomoric remarks that only succeed in showing their ignorance.
Jim Cash from AZ about 13years ago said:
I really don't understand someone saying "worst picture ever." Obviously he/she has never been out west. Amazing phone to say the least.
Brian Goss from IS HUGEEEEEEEE about 13years ago said:
Im a Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale!
Craig S from here about 13years ago said:
worst picture ever!!!!!!!!!
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