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February 1, 2010: Stack Em' Up
salamanders, camera flash, macro lens.
Credit & Copyright: Pam Wood from Santa Cruz, CA
Stack Em' Up: "Ok, so I'm having some fun with the salamanders. This time of year you can find hundreds of them wandering around the wet floor of the forest in the Santa Cruz mountains. They don't hold still long, and the lighting was dark, and the images were shot at a slow speed (which does not help) so I'm grateful for what I could get considering I don't have a flash. I'm also using a macro lens with a shallow depth of field. So the secret was to hold them for a while as they wiggle about and wait for them to tire themselves out and then place them accordingly. And then I brought them home and grilled 'em on the bar-b. :)"

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2011-12-29 10:50:17
Someone from Somewhere about 12years ago said:
That's a joke. There isn't enough meat on a salamander to be worth BBQ'ng.
Naturelover from Somewhere else about 12years ago said:
Yes, great picture. But the photographer did not have to mention that she tired them out before she too the photo and then grilled them on the bar-b. That's exceedingly unkind to the other visitors of this site.
Someone from Somewhere about 12years ago said:
Agreed, great pic!
Katja from Slovenia about 12years ago said:
Laura from Brasil about 12years ago said:
Lynda from Hertfordshire about 13years ago said:
Great close up. What did they taste like ?
luish from ph about 14years ago said:
Cian from Emerlald Isle about 14years ago said:
Haha, cool!
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