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October 2, 2010: Black Vulture
Black Vulture Chick
Credit & Copyright: Maks Rozenbaum from Olney, MD, USA
Black Vulture: This inquisitive Black Vulture chick was seen just outside of Washington DC, in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

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2017-07-27 15:32:56
Christine from BC about 7years ago said:
What kind of world is this, I wonder???
Maks from USA about 11years ago said:
No, it was not a zoo - it is in a big city!
Paul from Belgium about 13years ago said:
Sorry, Maks, this is not your best photo. It seems to be overexposed. Was this picture made in a zoo? Why are the birds legs cut off? If it was in a zoo, you had all the time of the world to make a much better picture....
france bambi@hotmail.com from Somewhere about 13years ago said:
excellent merci
Laura from Brasil about 14years ago said:
Congratulations Maks...It is a wonderful photo...I loved it.
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