Nature Pic of the Day - 20101029 - A Squadron of Sanderlings
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October 29, 2010: A Squadron of Sanderlings
Flying sanderlings against incoming ocean waves.
Credit & Copyright: Brian Small from Arizona, USA & Ontario, Canada
A Squadron of Sanderlings: "Sanderlings are always on the move, frantically jittering behind a retreating wave as they search for small crustaceans in the sand, and hurriedly retreating to safety before an incoming breaker. They also fly in formation, and land as one. "

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2010-10-31 21:06:47
David from Kanata Ontario about 14years ago said:
A fantastic shot. It must be terribly difficult to capture them in flight.
Enrico from Italy about 14years ago said:
In questo momento vorrei essere con loro. Foto da cinque stelle. Complimenti, Brian.
Brian from Arizona about 14years ago said:
Thanks, Laura and Lynda, for your kind comments.
Laura from Brasil about 14years ago said:
Wonderful photo Brian....Congratulations.....
Lynda from Hertfordshire, England about 14years ago said:
Fantastic capture of these birds on the move.
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