Nature Pic of the Day - 20101106 - Yosemite: View from Glacier Point
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November 6, 2010: Yosemite: View from Glacier Point
Yosemite National Park, Half Dome.
Credit & Copyright: Andrew Korolis from Sequim, WA
Yosemite: View from Glacier Point: "From Glacier Point the view is quite different than one gets from the valley floor. Visible are Half Dome, Mt. Broderick, Liberty Cap, Nevada Falls, Vernal Falls and Little Yosemite Valley."

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2010-11-07 14:26:32
Laura from Brasil about 13years ago said:
Wonderful place Andrew.....So beautiful....
Aktgjajg from Ajgjajg about 13years ago said:
Lynda from Hertfordshsire, England about 13years ago said:
Fantastic view. Great shot.
Blake from Washington about 13years ago said:
Look how flat the left side of half dome is. that is really amazing!
Jean Allen from Flat Rock, NC about 13years ago said:
Fabulous! I get vertigo just looking at it. :-)
Enrico from Italy about 13years ago said:
Ecco gli spazi che adoro. E qui si vola senza neanche bisogno del deltaplano. Grazie, Andrew.
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