Nature Pic of the Day - 20101214 - White Pelican on Sloans Lake
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December 14, 2010: White Pelican on Sloans Lake
White Pelican, Denver, CO
Credit & Copyright: Jerry Musgrove from Denver, CO
White Pelican on Sloans Lake: This pelican, near Denver, Colorado, has an interesting growth on its beak. I wonder if it is natural or an injury or a parasite of some sort?

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2010-12-18 15:53:37
Laura from Brasil about 13years ago said:
Wonderful photo Jerry.....Congratulations.
Enrico from Italy about 13years ago said:
Naturalisticamente interessante. E certamente anche una gran bella foto.
Jean Allen from Flat Rock, NC about 13years ago said:
Excellent sleuthing, Jerry. This site can offer more than a pretty picture to look at; it can educate as well. It invites us to marvel at the surprises to be found in nature.
Blake from South Carolina about 13years ago said:
Weird, wonder what the purpose of the horn is. Just to attract mates?
Jerry Musgrove from Colorado about 13years ago said:
According to Wiki: In the breeding season, there is a laterally flattened "horn" on the upper bill, about one-third the bill's length behind the tip. This is shed off after the birds have mated and laid their eggs.
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