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April 18, 2011: Scary Moon
Moon over Norway
Credit & Copyright: Kim Hansen from Alesund, Norway
Scary Moon: A half moon rises over the glaciated valleys of Norway, lending an eerie cast to the snow covered landscape below.

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2011-04-24 19:22:31
Kim Hansen from Norway about 13years ago said:
Thank you for the nic comment Hans, and you are absolutly rigth abot the moon:)Thank you for the advice:)
Hans Pondorfer from Austria about 13years ago said:
Great shot in B/W, I like this fascinating Country and pics you take. In my mean it would be perfect if the moon is not in the middle, with one step beside you have had another perspective. The moon is the design element and should be a bit out of the center.
Kim Hansen from Norway about 13years ago said:
Thank you LA Rock:)
LARock from Phoenix, AZ about 13years ago said:
Absolutely awesome shot!
Kim hansen from norway about 13years ago said:
Thank you all for thr very nice comments. it really meen a lot to me:)
Laura from Brasil about 13years ago said:
Amazing photo, Kim.....So beautiful.....
Nielsen from Iowa, USA about 13years ago said:
Nice shot!
Columbine from Boston about 13years ago said:
Wonderful, evocative photo!
Grisleyreg from UK about 13years ago said:
Brilliant photograph
Rabia Rasheed from Pakistan about 13years ago said:
excellent work kim as always...keep it up:)
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