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June 25, 2011: Reflections
Reflections In Edward River, New South Wales, Australia
Credit & Copyright: Peter Stokes from Melbourne, Australia
Reflections: Reflections along the Edward River, NSW, Australia.

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2011-07-02 14:05:48
David & Jean from Maidstone UK about 12years ago said:
It's great !! Had to decide which way up to view it !!
Kerrie from Wantirna South about 12years ago said:
Amazing reflections - is there some special quality of the water that allows that to happen?
Glenda from Selby about 12years ago said:
beautiful reflection - very peaceful and quiet.
Kim from Hansen about 12years ago said:
very nice and calming picture:)
Marian from Tasmania about 12years ago said:
I am going to make my wallpaper if I can.
Jenny from Monbulk about 12years ago said:
Wonderful reflectons on a still day!
Jose Guireli from Campinas Brasil about 12years ago said:
NIce place and beautiful picture.
Laura from BRasil about 12years ago said:
Wonderful place, Peter...
Peter from Melbourne about 12years ago said:
Thank you for the comments.
Peter from Basingstoke, UK about 12years ago said:
Great picture. Would be lovely to visit it if we make it to Australia again!
Kirsten from Dingley about 12years ago said:
I could look at this for ages. Absolutely beautiful!!
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