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August 3, 2011: Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly in Texas
Credit & Copyright: Robert P. Kelch, M.D. from South Haven, Michigan
Monarch Butterfly: "This photo was taken along the shore of the Guadalupe River in the Guadalupe River State Park near San Antonio, Texas."

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2011-08-14 18:48:47
RON from ANN ARBOR, MI about 13years ago said:
I'm glad this photo was selected; we have the exact one displayed in our home.
Jane from Ann Arbor about 13years ago said:
You did it again, Bob. A great moment captured elegantly.
Laura from Brasil about 13years ago said:
So delicate.....
Peter from Melbourne about 13years ago said:
Great photo-very sharp, well done.
j Kelch from jakelch1@frontier.com about 13years ago said:
Such a clear and beautiful image
linda behrendt from seabreeze2.0@gmail.com about 13years ago said:
Gorgeous closeup of monarch butterfly.
doug behrendt from seabreeze2.0@gmail.com about 13years ago said:
Magnificent photo with incredible detail.
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