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August 7, 2011: The Three Alpacas
Funny alpacas posing.
Credit & Copyright: Peter Stokes from Melbourne, Australia
The Three Alpacas: "Better than Three Amigos! Three proud Alpacas are happy to pose for the camera."

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2013-08-05 00:46:03
Birdlegs from Fresno, CA, USA about 11years ago said:
Oh, this picture is just tooooooo cute for words! Would love to hug each one of them. Thanks for a good chuckle today, Peter. I hope to see more of your work. God bless you!
Peter from Melbourne about 13years ago said:
Hi Jean - They are not three different animals. The one in the middle certainly needs an eyebrow trim.
Laura from Brasil about 13years ago said:
Three times beautiful!!!!!
Jean Allen from Flat Rock, North Carolina, USA about 13years ago said:
Are you joking with us and showing the same one each time? If not, how does the one in the middle see where he/she is going?
David from England about 13years ago said:
Good one Peter
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