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August 19, 2011: Magical Mystery Place
Magical Mystery Place
Credit & Copyright: Enrico Pighetti from Civitanova Marche
Magical Mystery Place: "Magic moment in the realm of the witch Sybil."

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2011-08-20 15:25:15
Enrico from Italy about 13years ago said:
Sei sempre troppo buona con me, Laura :-) Sono le tue luminose parole a scaldare il mio cuore
Laura from Brasil about 13years ago said:
Luogo magico, misterioso e meraviglioso della natura che voi, come un grande artista, catturato il giorno e illuminato e scaldato i nostri cuori. Bella, Enrico!
Enrico from Italy about 13years ago said:
Christine, Jean Allen, really happy that you have sent this picture of such intense emotions that I share. Thanks for the appreciation (I hope in an understandable translation of my words of Google translator)
Jean Allen from Flat Rock, North Carolina, USA about 13years ago said:
How calm and lovely this is, Enrico. It rests the soul.
Christine from Australia about 13years ago said:
It's like a dream. A place to forget the turmoil of the world, where one can see only beauty. More of that please.
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