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January 11, 2012: The Artistry of Frost!
Designs in Frost
Credit & Copyright: Betty Reese from Cowichan Bay, BC, Canada
The Artistry of Frost!: "Frost can be so pretty! Look at the intriguing designs it made!"

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2012-01-13 02:55:27
Christine from Australia about 13years ago said:
Strange, I had the same thought Laura. As above, so below. :)
Laura from Brasil about 13years ago said:
So beautiful Betty.....I remembered the deep of the sea.....I don't know why....Great photo!
Betty from Canada about 13years ago said:
Such nice comments! Thanks! Inge, you are right, the frost does look like diamonds! never thought of it like that!
Mira from Canada about 13years ago said:
Lovely photo there, Betty. It even conveys the crisp and fragrant air.
Inge from Hamilton about 13years ago said:
Only a master jeweler would use diamond dust in this fashion.
Betty from Canada about 13years ago said:
Thank you Christine, I am always intrigued by the pattern frostt makes.
Christine from Australia about 13years ago said:
YES! I love this photograph. It speaks clearly of the master-weaver of magic and depicts beautifully the every-day glory of our immediate surroundings, which we so easily overlook. Excellent Betty. You have an eye for the little things which enchant even the casual passer-by, who walks with open eyes. Thank you ;)
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