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January 22, 2012: Forsythia in Fall
Forsythia in Canada
Credit & Copyright: Betty Reese from Cowichan Bay, BC, Canada
Forsythia in Fall: "The Forsythia was just starting to change into it's fall colors. The Birdhouse was designed by my husband, & the birds love it!"

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2012-01-22 11:49:24
Inge from Hamilton about 12years ago said:
I really like the subtle shading of the leaves.
Ali from Tehran about 12years ago said:
Colors remind me of a yummy peach! ;) I am so hungry, nice shot!
Laura from Brasil about 12years ago said:
A great birdhouse with a special and beautiful garden view! So delicate, Betty!
David from Maidstone UK about 12years ago said:
There won't be room for me!!
Betty from Canada about 12years ago said:
Thanks ladies, the style would make a cute "big" house! I can just see you squeezing into that one Christine! LOL!
Mira from Canada about 12years ago said:
A very lovely photograph. And if it's appealing enough to move into :), then it must be special.
Christine from Australia about 12years ago said:
Another sunny beauty from Betty! Ask your husband to build another birdhouse, I'll move into this one :)
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