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February 10, 2012: The Glory of Autumn!
Beautiful fall leaves in Canada
Credit & Copyright: Betty Reese from Cowichan Bay, BC, Canada
The Glory of Autumn!: "The Mock Orange leaves are just a kaleidoscope of colors!"

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2012-02-11 16:10:59
Laura from Brasil about 12years ago said:
Impressionist colors Betty.....Lovely!
Betty from Canada about 12years ago said:
Thanks for all your lovely comments. David, your wife is welcome to paint it!
Mira from Canada about 12years ago said:
Great photo Betty! Nature is the true artist, not people.
Inge from Canada about 12years ago said:
A riot of colours, all on the same bush. Yes, autumn is my favourite season.
Lynda from England about 12years ago said:
Wonderful light and colours.
David from Maidstone UK about 12years ago said:
Lovely colours, my wife would like to paint that!!
Christine from Australia about 12years ago said:
Pure poetry, Betty. Not only does it speak to the heart, it also speaks to all the senses.
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