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March 31, 2012: Awakening
Spring flowers
Credit & Copyright: Ingeborg Evans
Awakening: Buds form as spring arrives, soon to be followed by gorgeous blossoms!

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2012-04-02 12:13:09
Laura from Brasil about 12years ago said:
So beautiful, Inge.
Inge from Canada about 12years ago said:
Jean, it is a service berry tree and in a short while will be frothing with blossoms.
Jean Allen from Flat Rock, NC, USA about 12years ago said:
Not that it matters in the exuberance of spring, but I'm guessing those are leaf-buds, not flower buds.
Betty from Canada about 12years ago said:
Look at that beautiful clear blue sky behind the branches! Very nice Inge.
Mira from Canada about 12years ago said:
Yes Christine. Take off the old snow boots and dance. Though you don't have any, living in Australia? Lovely photo Ingeborg.
Christine from Australia about 12years ago said:
A study in great expectations. The entire promise and beauty of Spring is contained in this lovely image. It invites us to dance.
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