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May 14, 2012: Quick Click
Bee getting nectar.
Credit & Copyright: Khubaib Ahmed from Islamabad, Pakistan
Quick Click: A busy bee makes a quick withdrawal from these pretty flowers in a garden in Pakistan.

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2013-07-01 15:29:52
Muhammad Moaz from Rawalpindi about 11years ago said:
MaShaaAllah, busy in collecting nectar to prepare honey. So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? (Y)
huma from pakistan about 12years ago said:
hard shot to get... must admire it :)
Rabia Rasheed from Pakistan about 12years ago said:
Beautiful shot..perfect composition..great u have not added any filter!!
Fahad Naseem from Islamabad about 12years ago said:
What an originality ... Nature at its best !!! Nice shot khubaib keep it up ...
Fawad from Islamabad about 12years ago said:
Marvellous pic
khubaib from islamabad about 12years ago said:
@jesus its an original shot without using any photoshop software...
Jesus from Guatemala about 12years ago said:
beautiful flowers... but the bee seems photoshoped there.
Waqas from Pakistab about 12years ago said:
vry beautiful shot buddy...thumbs up!
Haris from Pakistan about 12years ago said:
Awesome dude, keep it up !!
Laura from Brasil about 12years ago said:
Lovely flowers, Khubaib. Wonderful light under the bee. Great!
ayesha from pakistan about 12years ago said:
nice shot..........at first look i guess dis pic ....OUR BEAUTIFUL LAWN
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