Nature Pic of the Day - 20120712 - Persimmon Tree in Autumn
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July 12, 2012: Persimmon Tree in Autumn
Persimmon Tree
Credit & Copyright: Leah W Greeley from Grover Beach, CA
Persimmon Tree in Autumn: "The persimmon tree holds onto it’s fruit even after the leaves have gone and winter approaches."

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2012-07-15 20:09:03
Laura from Brasil about 12years ago said:
Beautiful and different in B&W. Great photo, Leah. Good week!
Linda from Santa Cruz about 12years ago said:
You captured what many wish to in black and white. I could see this across my wall.
Enrico from Italy about 12years ago said:
Il bianco e nero conferisce gran suggestione a questo scatto. Complimenti
Samuel J. M Greeley from Grover Beach, CA about 12years ago said:
Wow! another fabulous photo. Great shot of the tree against a grey sky.
Penny from Pagosa Springs, CO about 12years ago said:
An eye for the spectacular mush run in your family. Can't wait to see what is next!
Linda from Grover Beach about 12years ago said:
Beautiful... love the big fruit hanging on to the branches against the stormy background. Makes me think of Persimmon Cookies!
Billy from Burbank about 12years ago said:
Great shot!
Donna from Orlando, FL about 12years ago said:
What an interesting perspective--looking up through the branches into the sky. Wonderful!
Diana Leigh from Kent, WA about 12years ago said:
So dramatic in black and white with the stormy background! Nice!
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