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July 16, 2012: Red Dragonfly
Dragonfly in Burbank.
Credit & Copyright: William Wyatt McCall from Burbank, CA
Red Dragonfly: The vivid colors and intricate details in this picture are fascinating! The dragonfly was found near Burbank, CA.

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2012-07-31 08:52:12
victoria Haas from NYC about 12years ago said:
what a great image. Shows the wonders of nature and insects. fantastic. colors are beautiful!!
Daniela scaramuzza from Los angeles about 12years ago said:
Excellent image! i am proud of you!!!!
leann mcall from los angeles about 12years ago said:
such a beautiful picture!
Jack McCall from Los Angeles about 12years ago said:
I love this picture You can really see the detail in the wings!
linda from mill valley ca about 12years ago said:
what a beautiful, beautiful picture.... thank you for helping us see the true beauty of nature...
Bill from Arcadia, California about 12years ago said:
The photo captures the beautiful diaphanous structure of the dragon fly's wings.
Enrico from Italy about 12years ago said:
Ottima questa macro. Dettagli ben evidenti, meravigliosi i riflessi delle ali, combinazione cromatica eccellente. Mi piace
Diane Austin from Van Nuys about 12years ago said:
terrific macro!!
Samuel J. M. Greeley from Grover Beach, CA about 12years ago said:
Billy, the photo looks even better than when you sent me a copy. A good eye for color and texture and a sharp lens---can't beat that!
Penny from Pagosa Springs, CO about 12years ago said:
WOW! Excellent photography.
Laura from BRasil about 12years ago said:
Spectacular photo...
Susan from Nebraska about 12years ago said:
Love,love dragonflies!
Laurie from Pasadena about 12years ago said:
Your image is ethereal and other worldly. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos.
Shirley from Sierra Madre, CA about 12years ago said:
Great picture of a piece of nature that I haven't normally seen as beautiful before. Thanks for sharing.
Teri M from California about 12years ago said:
I have never seen such a beautiful dragonfly before! Beautiful photo Billy.
Sheila from SC about 12years ago said:
Great light to pick up the shiny wing particles. We were just looking at blue and green ones the other day. :)
Donna O. from Oviedo, FL about 12years ago said:
Love the vibrant colors through the shimmery wings.
Diana Keigh from Kent, WA about 12years ago said:
This symmetry in the wings is unbelievable! So beautiful!
Robin from CA about 12years ago said:
So much detail. Such vivid color. Very nice shot!
Leah Greeley from Grover Beach, CA about 12years ago said:
Wow Billy, That is an incredible phtograph. Such detail! Love, Leah
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