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October 15, 2012: Mt. Rainier
Mount Rainier in Washington State
Credit & Copyright: Diana Leigh from Kent, WA
Mt. Rainier: "Majestic Mt. Rainer (Takhoma) from the air."

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2012-10-22 04:44:07
amq from Port Orchard about 12years ago said:
Mt. Rainier, in her beauty. Again, Diana capture beauty. O for the Law of Attraction...."that which is likened to itself is drawn"!
Diana Leigh from Kent, WA about 12years ago said:
Thank you for all your nice comments and Ram I am especially honored you have chosen it for your background!
Ram from Westlake,TX about 12years ago said:
great picture.. I have set this picture as laptop background
Lisa from Scottsdale, AZ about 12years ago said:
Oh my, an incredible picture!! It cannot be a real...beautiful Diana! Congratulations again!
Mom & Dad from Scio, Oregon about 12years ago said:
Spiritual! His magnificence is so vivid in the mountain. Incredible shot as usual, Diana.
Leah Greeley from Grover Beach, CA about 12years ago said:
I want to go there. That's absolutely lovely.
Debbie from Florida about 12years ago said:
Jaye Wise from Camarillo, Ca. about 12years ago said:
Majestic is right - a sleeping giant.
Robin from Burbank about 12years ago said:
Carol Soubra from Washington about 12years ago said:
Stupendous View!! Diana you are really honing your skills!!
Laura from Brasil about 12years ago said:
Special photo from a wonderful mountain ! So beautiful, Diana. *_*
Samuel J M Greeley from Grover Beach, CA about 12years ago said:
Another in a series of great photos by Diana. Keep up the good photography!
Penny from Pagosa Springs, CO about 12years ago said:
Billy from Burbank about 12years ago said:
A beautiful shot!
Christine from Australia about 12years ago said:
Beautiful photograph Diana. It makes one feel to be personally present in the majestic aura of this giant.
Ali from Tehran about 12years ago said:
beautiful, thanks Diana.
Inge from Canada about 12years ago said:
There is a stark beauty about snow capped mountains that has an irresistible appeal. Great shot Diana.
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